Field Trip 1

Leaders: M Saillard, F. Michaud, P. Reyes, A. Cabero, Y. Font, M. Régnier, J.N. Proust, A. Cisneros, M.J. Hernandez (Géoazur and DG-EPN)

Dates: September 20th to 23th, 2019 (*)
(*) Due to flight’s reservations, we need people to sign up for this fieldtrip before June 3rd

Approx. cost: $ 680 This price includes hotel night in the 19th, air ticket to and from Manta, and boat tickets to and from the Isla de la Plata. This price does not include dinners.

Minimum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of participants: 30

Tectonic deformations, and in particular vertical movements, recorded by the coastal domain above the Ecuadorian subduction zone reflect a complex geological history. These vertical movements can be quantified at different time scales, at the short-term from the scale of the seismic cycle to many cumulated cycles (100 ka) to the long-term (Ma) by combining tectonic markers. In this fieldtrip, we propose to explore vertical movements through morpho-tectonic markers of coastal uplift (uplifted marine terraces) and sedimentary and stratigraphic markers of formation of the Coastal Cordillera (evolution of forearc basins). This fieldtrip will focus on Manta Peninsula and La Plata Island. The observed markers will be placed in their seismic, tectonic and geological context.

Please note that this fieldtrip will be done in spanish.


8th ISAG

Isla de la Plata. Photo by M. Saillard.