We especially encourage contributions addressing the following topics:

(1) Mechanisms and processes of crustal thickening, uplift and deformation
(2) Modern and ancient volcanism and magmatism
(3) Interactions between climate, surface and lithospheric processes
(4) The seismic cycle and active deformation
(5) Sedimentary basins and petroleum geology
(6) Andean geological resources, mineral deposits and geothermal resources
(7) Geological hazard and risk, with emphasis on seismic, volcanic, and gravitational phe nomena

Each participant will be allowed one oral contribution as first author. Communications must be written in English and should be 1 page-long, including text and references. Abstracts should be submitted before May 1st 2019, directly on the ISAG webpage (www.igepn.edu.ec/8isag) by filling the corresponding form.

Talks will last 12 minutes each, and will be followed by 3 minutes of discussion. For oral and poster sessions, the preferred language is English, although Spanish is also accepted. However, there will be no facilities for simultaneous translation. There will be a poster session each day (from 16h30 until 18h00). Posters will remain on display all day long. Maximum dimensions for posters are 80 cm in width (horizontal) and 110 cm in height (vertical).